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The Firesetter Intervention Programme or something very similar is provided by the vast majority of fire and rescue services throughout the UK. We know that many young people can become involved in firesetting for a range of reasons and can be any age from two upwards.

The Firesetter Intervention Programme is designed to address firesetting behaviour amongst children and young people up to the age of 19 through a series of educational visits and support. Without help and guidance firesetting behaviour can become increasingly serious and lead to injury, damage to property and tragically, death.

This website is provided by Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service (DSFRS) for you to make referrals not only in our area but also those areas covered by the services in the scrolling list. By clicking on the appropriate Service link you can make a referral. If you do not see your Service identified here you can make a referral directly to DSFRS and we will pass your referral details onto the relevant service for you.

The Firesetter Intervention Programme is run by individual FRS across the country. Below is a list of those who are signed up to this site. However please feel free to make a referral and we will endeavour to pass it onto your relevant organisation accordingly.